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For Veterinarians

Registered, qualified, and experienced vet nurse and dog behaviourist in Christchurch. Specialising in fearful, anxious, aggressive, or reactive dogs, and puppy raising online and in person.

Welcome to Inspiring Dogs Christchurch Veterinary Referrals

If you'd like free educational printed handouts for your clinic, please get in touch.

Using positive training techniques, I handle behaviour cases that usually stem from fear, anxiety, stress or lack of confidence + raising puppies with a focus on fear prevention. This includes leash reactivity, aggression, and fear/anxiety such as fear of new people, veterinary visit, handling, car journeys, noise phobias etc, and preventing all of this in puppies.


I am always happy to collaborate with vet clinics to ensure the best possible care for patients. I have a background in vet nursing and a commitment to scientific, modern learning and teaching principles. I am an RVN with nearly five years clinical experience who holds an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour. I am also a full member of APDTNZ, NZVNA, and AVPRC. 


Recognising the balance of health, behaviour, and welfare, I understand the importance of maintaining optimal physical and emotional health in dogs. By referring to Inspiring Dogs, you can have confidence in knowing that your patients will be treated with the same care as you provide. I will seek your input whenever necessary, provide written reports, and always strive to work with you as part of your patient's care team.

For further information, or to refer or discuss a case, contact Inspiring Dogs

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