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Kylee Kelly RVN, AdvDip.Can.Bhv

Hi! I’m Kylee, a registered veterinary nurse and behaviourist, and owner of Inspiring Dogs. I've always been passionate about animal health, welfare, and behaviour, and this passion drove me to veterinary nursing for nearly five years, and then establishing Inspiring Dogs in 2021 and completing an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour.


This is where I established my niche - working with fearful, anxious, aggressive and reactive dogs, along with working on preventing all of this in puppies. I'm continually inspired by my work in this field - working with amazing dogs and their humans and helping them enjoy their lives together to the fullest. 

I know how upsetting it can be living with a dog with behaviour issues that often stem from fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, or stress and I'm here to help.

I have worked with, raised, and rescued dogs for many years. I share my life with two amazing rescue dogs - a sweet and gentle Greyhound cross, and a goofy and entertaining Staffy cross.

Kylee - owner of Inspiring Dogs

Qualifications & professional registrations

  • Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour - BCCS (Dec 2021 - Dec 2023)

  • Master Course in Aggression - Michael Shikashio (Sept 2023 - Jan 2024)

  • Anxiety (General and Separation) - Canine Behaviour Academy, Trish King (Feb 2024 -Mar 2024)

  • Reactivity - Canine Behaviour Academy, Trish King (Apr 2024 -May 2024)

  • Veterinary Nursing - Otago Polytechnic (Jan 2008 - Nov 2009)

  • Full and assessed member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers NZ

  • Registered Vet Nurse and full member of Allied Veterinary Professional Regulatory Council NZ

  • Full member of the NZ Veterinary Nursing Association

  • Group expert for canine behaviour and vet nursing  - Pet Sitting NZ

I use positive, scientifically backed, ethical, and straightforward dog training and behaviour modification methods. I do not use shock collars, prong collars, slip leads, or intimidation techniques.      

"Kylee is the best! Our dogs love her and she is always looking for ways to improve their anxieties. Highly recommend!"


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